Review of RENEGADE RED by Lauren Bird Horowitz

***Now Available***

The exciting second book in “The Light Trilogy” by Lauren “Birdaileen” Horowitz will not disappoint readers that fell in love with the first book, SHATTERED BLUE. Oftentimes the sequel doesn’t live up to the original, but that isn’t the case with RENEGADE RED. Readers will be drawn back into the world created in SHATTERED BLUE and into the characters lives. Noa, Callum, and Judah are well drawn characters that readers will be sucked into their lives. Twists and turns abound that will leave readers guessing. Definitely recommend!


Reckless, desperate, and distraught, Noa Sullivan leaps into a collapsing Portal in the explosive finale of Shattered Blue —the jaw-dropping, award-winning first installment in The Light Trilogy —in wild hope of rescuing her little sister Sasha. Now Noa and the Fae brothers who love her—Callum and Judah Forsythe—must find a way to survive not only across worlds but between them, in places so treacherous and deceptive their own minds are twisted against them. As the three fight to survive their passage, they battle not only enemies but themselves, and their darkest, most difficult secrets.
Surviving, however, is only the beginning: Noa needs to find Sasha. That means becoming a warrior herself, one just as fierce as the magical brothers battling for her love. Across broken cities, underground labyrinths, rushing floods and endless skies; in the face of legions of armies, horrifying tyrants, and the most deceitful of friends, can Mortal Noa rescue her sister—and understand her own heart—in time to escape the most deadly of magic realms?


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