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Review of CRUEL WATER by Freya Barker

***Coming SOON***

Releasing March 3rd, 2016

CRUEL WATER is an incredible tale of love, loss, passion, and darkness that can drag a person to the very brink of sanity. This story does include scenes of domestic violence and is hard to read at times. The characters are real and raw and you will be drawn to them and feel their pain and anguish, but you will also feel their happiness and resolution to not let their tragic pasts define them. The author does an incredible job of weaving a tale that will draw you into the darkness but the silver gleam of hope will keep you turning pages until you reach the end of the journey. Definitely recommend this book and all of Freya Barker’s works. This is by far my favorite!


Innocence marked her…
Violation crippled her…
Love left her raw…
The life she carefully rebuilt is challenged when she is confronted with the sins from her past. The carefully applied protection is at once ripped away, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.
Her single night of indulgence with the silver-eyed stranger is only the beginning. He sees right to the heart of her and she is unable to ward off emotions that have been deeply buried. With the sting of betrayal still fresh in her soul, she’s surprised to find herself opening up to the honest integrity of the sharp-eyed, rough-looking biker.
When he lost everyone who mattered, he was left without roots and learned to be content simply living in the moment. Completely unprepared for the feisty blonde bartender with old pain marring her clear-blue eyes, he questions his own rules of detachment, as she unwittingly finds a way under his skin.
Appearances deceive and when the masks fall away, revealing deep, dark secrets, there is nothing left but to hang onto each other and survive the storm.
**Due to content of a sexually explicit nature, this book is recommended for a mature audience only.** 
Cruel Water is available in both print and ebook formats.


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Review of LOSING AN EDGE by Catherine Gayle


A new Babcock brother to love? It was hard to imagine anyone displacing Jamie Babcock (featured in Portland Storm #2.5 and #7), but Levi came pretty close. Both Babcock brothers have it going on: looks, skills, heart, and a boyish charm that is irresistible. I really enjoyed Levi and Cadence’s story! There was romance, suspense, laughter, and tears. Would definitely recommend it!

Tired of being the second-best Babcock, Levi “501” Babcock is ready to outshine his older brother. Outranking his brother proves harder than he imagined—until he meets a sinfully sexy gold-medal-winning figure skater. She might be the prize he’s been searching for all along.

Bubbly and spirited Cadence Johnson is determined to escape the shackles of her former partner. Moving to Portland gives her the fresh start she’s craved, but the last thing she can afford is a distraction like Levi Babcock.

When Cadence’s past comes back to threaten her and her life is on the line, Levi might be the safety net she never realized she needed. But will Levi still care about Losing an Edge to his biggest rival, or can he finally step out of his brother’s shadow to become the hero in his own game?

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Review of NINE by Jennifer Raygoza 

Dark and twisted tale that will suck you in from the very first page. The story of Nine, a high priced escort, and Trig, the hitman, will keep you engaged and wanting more. Despite their unconventional occupations, their characters show a lot of emotions and you can’t help but get a glimpse of their gleaming potential. Full of heat, heart, danger, and aching vulnerability, this book is a great read. Be sure to check it out! Author Jennifer Raygoza


The number one paid escort in Las Vegas calls herself Nine. She’s become very wealthy with three hundred very loyal VIP clients. Trig is also the best at what he does. He works for the biggest drug dealer in Vegas, as his personal executioner. 

One night with the wrong client and everything spirals out of control when Nine and Trig collide. Watch what happens when two of the best in underworld trades go against the grain, against the rules, and against all odds of making it out alive. 
“I’m breaking all my rules here. I’m breaking them all for him.” -Nine 

“Baby, do you know what you’re worth? Men should be fighting over you. I sure as hell would.” -Trig 

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Review of IN PLACE OF NEVER by Julie Anne Lindsey

***Available NOW***
Suspenseful, heartbreaking, hopeful, and romantic story all rolled into one terrific story. Absolutely loved this coming of age new adult tale. Definitely recommend! 
*ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review 


Can the truth set her free?…
A part of Mercy died the summer her sister tragically drowned. Now Mercy has a chance to discover if Faith’s death was an accident—or murder. Her first step is to confront the lead suspects: a band of traveling gypsies—the last people who saw her sister alive. But Mercy finds an unexpected ally in Cross, the soulful musician in their ranks. He’s a kindred spirit, someone who sees into her heart for the first time in, well, forever. Yet stirring up the past puts Mercy in danger… 
Suddenly someone is shadowing Mercy’s every move, making her even more determined to uncover the facts. With Cross by her side, she is ready to face it all, even if that means opening up to him, knowing he may one day leave her. What she discovers is a truth that rocks the foundation of her small river town—and a love worth risking everything for….

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Review of THE FINAL SEVEN by Erica Spindler

***Coming February 11th***
Fast paced and suspenseful with characters whose lives you can’t but be sucked in by. Mick is a strong female character who kicks butt while still maintaining a soft spot in her heart. Her new partner on the New Orleans police force, Zack, is cocky and self assured with extra powers to investigate crimes. If you are looking for an intriguing story with lots of suspense, this is the book for you. It is the first book of a series and I can’t wait to read more! Definitely recommend.
*ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review


The first Saturday in July. . . 

A missing coed . . . 

The number seven carved into her door . . . 

The countdown has begun. 

New Orleans Detective Micki Dee Dare is a seasoned, no-nonsense cop. She doesn’t need a partner, especially not Zach “Hollywood” Harris, an irreverent charmer, fresh out of an experimental FBI program. And her assignment — keep him alive while he fights crime using the special skills he brings to the table — is not what she signed up for. But the die has been cast and there’s nothing she can do about it.
Micki soon realizes there’s more to her partner than meets the eye—and more at stake than catching bad guys and closing cases. There’s a new kind of evil at work the Crescent City, more cunning, more powerful than any she’s ever encountered. And she and Zach may be the only ones who can stop it.
As another coed goes missing and the darkness closes in, Micki must face a terrifying truth: this time she might not make it. This time the evil they’re facing might destroy them all . . .
Full of surprise twists and unexpected turns, The Final Seven is a heart-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. 
Praise for THE FINAL SEVEN: 

Edgy and charged with atmosphere, The Final Seven is exactly what a supernatural thriller should be: a battle royale for the human soul. Spindler knows her stuff. 

– Laura Benedict, author of Charlotte’s Story and Bliss House. 

* * * 

“Erica Spindler has long been an innovator, but she’s created something truly special with this debut in her new thriller series, THE FINAL SEVEN. Engrossing, exciting, and genuinely scary, Spindler takes you on a relentless ride that doesn’t let up until the last line. I can’t wait to read the next The Lightkeepers installment featuring Detectives Michaela Dare and Zach Harris – Spindler has created a partnership for the ages.” 

– J.T. Ellison, NYT bestselling author of WHAT LIES BEHIND 

* * * 

[New Orleans is city with a magnificent, shadowy heart, and Erica Spindler has her finger on its unearthly pulse.] The Final Seven makes the impossible believable: occult forces of evil are gunning for us, and only those with extraordinary heart can defeat them. Spindler is the new dark mistress of the supernatural thriller, and I can’t wait to read more. 

– Laura Benedict, author of Charlotte’s Story and Bliss House.
About the Author:

Erica Spindler is the New York Times and International Chart bestselling author of thirty-two novels and three eNovellas. Published in twenty-five countries, she has been called the “The Master of Addictive Suspense” and “Queen of the Romantic Thriller.” The Lightkeepers is Erica’s first series, something she’s wanted to do for years. All she was waiting for was the right characters. She found them in Micki Dee Dare, reformed southern belle turned kick ass cop, and Zach “Hollywood” Harris, a charming bad boy with some very cool, save-the-world skills. Erica splits her writing time between her New Orleans area home, her favorite coffeeshop, and a lakeside writing retreat. She’s married to her college sweetheart, has two sons and the constant companionship of Roxie, the wonder retriever. Erica is currently at home in New Orleans, writing Micki and Zach’s next adventure, TRIPLE SIX.

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Review of TRUE NORTH by K. R. Conway

***Coming SOON***
Releasing on Monday, February 8th, this third installment of the #Undertow series can’t be missed! I fell in love with this series and #TrueNorth kept up the momentum and left me wanting more. This #YA book is filled with romance, mystery, suspense, laughter, and tears. I definitely recommend all of the books but #TrueNorth might be my new favorite of the series!!!
*ARC provided by NetGalley for a honest review 


For Eila Walker, history has become its own demon. After months of trying to keep ahead of those who are hunting her, Eila is more than ready to end her days of running. But her ancestor, Elizabeth, has left a twisted legacy in her wake that shadows Eila still, nearly 170 years later. When her grandfather reveals that he has kept a priceless piece of the past hidden in his vault on the island of Polaris, Eila and her friends are hopeful they may finally find the answers they so desperately need.
But just when Polaris is beginning to feel like a safe haven, a brutal attack leaves the group shattered. Eila, desperate to end the violence, soon finds herself drawn into the decadent underworld of the Mortis, where lies become truths, and allies . . . become killers.

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