Review of RITES OF PASSAGE by Catherine Gayle

Catherine Gayle never fails to impress but RITES OF PASSAGE might be her best book yet! It isn’t just another hockey romance novel. Gritty and real, it deals with subject matter that isn’t fluffy unicorns and rainbows. The main characters are both dealing with being recently diagnosed with having HIV and how they move on with their lives. The book also deals with tough subjects that will leave the reader better off for having read about them. There is also plenty of love, lust, and hockey action to keep readers from getting too bogged down in the challenging storyline without taking away any of the seriousness of the issues. Definitely recommend.


Where do you go once you’ve hit rock bottom?
With his world already in shambles, Andrew Nash’s life plummets even further after a freak accident on the ice exposes his deepest secret. Still unsure if he should ever return to the game he’s devoted his life to, the future Thunderbirds captain knows he isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel. Meeting a talented and sexy artist changes everything for Drew.
But Ravyn Penn’s past is darker than his, and her wounds cut deeper. Drew’s looking forward, but Ravyn is stuck dwelling over a life that leaves her guilt-ridden and full of regret.
Drew’s a fighter, and he knows they need to claw their way out of the past—together—even when the future promises no guarantees. But can Ravyn let go and blindly trust him—taking a rite of passage through the darkness—to find the life they both deserve?


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