Review of MELTING HIS ALASKAN HEART by Rebecca Thomas

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What happens when a relationship starts out with a lie? Is there any hope? What if you went to bed thinking you were sleeping with one person and woke up with another? 

MELTING HIS ALASKAN HEART by Rebecca Thomas starts out with one of the main characters, Ethan, impersonating Dane his NHL playing brother at a charity event and crossing paths with a reporter hot on the heels of an exclusive interview with Dane. This story has lots of ups and downs as the two characters, Ethan and Carly, work to see if they can overcome their unconventional start, and Ethan’s painful past, to forge a real relationship. The story is full of struggle, laughter, romance, and it is easy to fall in love with the characters. Definitely recommend! Looking forward to reading more in this series.



When Ethan Forrester’s hockey star brother begs him to take his place at a masquerade fundraiser due to illness, Ethan grudgingly agrees to help the cause. After all, he’ll be wearing a mask that covers the scar across his eye. No one will know his true identity.

Sports journalist Carly Hughes will do whatever it takes to procure the interview no one else can get from the NHL Stanley cup winning captain. After a few drinks she confesses her need for an exclusive interview or she’ll be fired. Ethan knows his brother as well as he knows himself—spilling a few details should keep the man’s privacy intact—mostly.

However, when their interview moves to the penthouse suite, Ethan tries to explain he’s not the Forrester brother she’s looking for, but Carly insists he keep his mask on.

Daylight brings some harsh truths, and a serious hangover. Carly not only forgot to record her interview, but she wakes up with a stranger in her bed. Or was this case of mistaken identity the best thing that’s ever happened to her?


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