Review of CRUEL WATER by Freya Barker

***Coming SOON***

Releasing March 3rd, 2016

CRUEL WATER is an incredible tale of love, loss, passion, and darkness that can drag a person to the very brink of sanity. This story does include scenes of domestic violence and is hard to read at times. The characters are real and raw and you will be drawn to them and feel their pain and anguish, but you will also feel their happiness and resolution to not let their tragic pasts define them. The author does an incredible job of weaving a tale that will draw you into the darkness but the silver gleam of hope will keep you turning pages until you reach the end of the journey. Definitely recommend this book and all of Freya Barker’s works. This is by far my favorite!


Innocence marked her…
Violation crippled her…
Love left her raw…
The life she carefully rebuilt is challenged when she is confronted with the sins from her past. The carefully applied protection is at once ripped away, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.
Her single night of indulgence with the silver-eyed stranger is only the beginning. He sees right to the heart of her and she is unable to ward off emotions that have been deeply buried. With the sting of betrayal still fresh in her soul, she’s surprised to find herself opening up to the honest integrity of the sharp-eyed, rough-looking biker.
When he lost everyone who mattered, he was left without roots and learned to be content simply living in the moment. Completely unprepared for the feisty blonde bartender with old pain marring her clear-blue eyes, he questions his own rules of detachment, as she unwittingly finds a way under his skin.
Appearances deceive and when the masks fall away, revealing deep, dark secrets, there is nothing left but to hang onto each other and survive the storm.
**Due to content of a sexually explicit nature, this book is recommended for a mature audience only.** 
Cruel Water is available in both print and ebook formats.


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