Review of UPPER HAND by Freya Barker

***Coming October 8th, 2015***
I love all of Freya Barker’s books and was very excited to read the latest installment of her Cedar Tree series. Clint has always been a favorite character of mine and it was great to finally read his and Beth’s story. Clint is such a lovable guy even when he’s acting like a macho idiot. He means well but sometimes his brain is trailing too far behind his mouth and it gets him into trouble, especially with the equally fiery Beth. Fireworks definitely abound in this story! I love the excellent mix of romance, humor, and mystery that is woven through the book. A page turner from beginning to end. Definitely recommend!


More often than not, Clint Mason has his foot firmly wedged in his mouth, which tends to get him in plenty of hot water with the ladies. Although his laid back good ole’ Southern charm does not fly far with the female population of Cedar Tree, the big burly contractor hides his dark side well.

The only one Beth Franklin allows herself to rely on is Beth, and so far that has served her well. Just when her son disappears after dropping his little guy off on her doorstep, her life seems to spiral out of control. For the first time ever, fearing for his safety, the fiercely independent waitress is forced to be on the receiving end of a helping hand. 

That’s not easy for her, especially since the shovel-sized hand belongs to a man whose approach has run hot and cold the last year, leaving her feeling off balance. With a steady and commanding force, he exposes her softer side, while doing everything he can to keep her and those close to her safe.

**Due to some content of a sexually explicit nature, this book is recommended for a mature audience only.**


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  1. Love it!! Thank you so much!!

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